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Welcome to the world of Whiskey & Zombies - an action-packed, top-down, beat'em-up adventure game set in the gritty Deep South.

In the zombie apocalypse, the only thing known to kill the virus is straight-up Louisiana whiskey moonshine - the nastiest home remedy ever discovered. The survival of the human race now rests on one southern family - the McCrearys, a bunch of permadrunk, bootlegging rednecks that all hate each other.

Somehow, they must traverse the swamplands and reach the source of the cure - their illegal moonshine still. Getting here, however, will not be easy as the McCrearys must scavenge for supplies, come up with clever solutions for problems, and of course, punching their way through the hordes of the undead just waiting to munch on their bitesized thinking-noodles.

Good luck humanity.


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The game is PC only at the moment but we are eyeing a couple of consoles for release. If you want to let us know which one you would like to see it on first drop us a line feedback@whiskeyandzombies.com.

Who Making Whiskey & Zombies?
Well... The studio behind this is The Nuttery, a new studio on a humble mission to make the world a better place with weird and hopefully moderately awesome games. We are small in size but we have giant egos. Somehow we have also managed to spread from our base of operations in Karlstad all the way to Stockholm, and most recently, Los Angeles.

How Do I Get To Play This?
The game is available on Steam. It may be an advantage to play the game with an xbox or dualshock controller. If you have don't have one, fret not, fren - keyboard / mouse will work great. For multiplayer, the last person playing will be using the keyboard so if you have two controllers, player three would use the keyboard (for two players, both controllers work).

What makes Louisiana Moonshine so special?
The McCreary Clan has always been known for three things: Causing a ruckus, playing a mean banjo, and of course, for their home-brewed moonshine whiskey "Louisiana Sledgehammer".

Louisiana Sledgehammer dates back to the late 19th century, where records mention a Charles Dunbarton McCreary who was called in for questioning after a mysterious illness shook Louisiana. 14 people died from consuming "ill-made spirits of the worst kind". The coroner likened these deaths to "these folks havin' been bludgeoned with a sledgehammer". The law never caught up with Charles and there were reports of similar incidents in Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama.

The infamous Louisiana incident - dubbed the Louisiana Sledgehammer Poisoning - was soon forgotten, but the name somehow stuck. And thus, McCreary's Louisiana Sledgehammer was born.

Louisiana Sledgehammer is always distilled using the finest water from whatever creek is located in the vicinity of the illegal still. With each generation of McCreary, the still has been refined to be extremely fast and lightweight, making it portable and perfect for quick getaways. Today, the operations are overseen by Ol' Red McCreary and the still resides somewhere in the woods around New Roads, Louisiana, back where it all started. It still a very popular drink "round those parts" and as Red likes to proclaim: "this ain't no regular shine, this here be proper medicine!"

I Know You Suck at Making Music... So Who Done Did the Score?
Our awesome partner Elias and their incredible adaptive audio engine. Check out this video where Elias’ founder Kristofer and composer Martin show how they created the score for Whiskey & Zombies.

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